Expert Styling: Printed Lisette Blazer

Hola Fashionistas!! We're a little bit obsessed with Lisette L Montreal! For those of you who don't know Lisette L Montreal, it is an AWESOME Montreal-based company that designs & manufactures their products in Canada!! Thanks to impeccable designs that work for women of all ages & sizes, they have caught the attention of major news outlets & celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey! 

Oprah Winfrey & designer Lisette Limoges

Oprah Winfrey & designer Lisette Limoges

Hye Fashion carries Lisette products in a multitude of styles, including TALL inseam dress pants! Currently one of our FAVOURITE pieces in store is this GORGEOUS white & navy printed blazer! It's light fabric makes it the perfect summer blazer to keep your summer work wardrobe professional, fun & stylish!

So you LOVE the look of this blazer but you're thinking... HOW DO I STYLE IT?! Relax, we've got you! Styling a printed blazer offers more options than you might think! Below we've chalked it up to three levels of styling techniques that can work for everyone!!

Beginner: All Neutrals + Printed Blazer

One of the EASIEST ways to style a printed blazer is to pair it with solid neutrals that wont overwhelm the look & let the blazer sit in the spotlight! We love the idea of using the blazer to dress up casual basics like these comfy boyfriend jeans & light tee! Keep your accessories simple & let the blazer grab all the attention! 

Another super simple way to style your new printed blazer is by pairing it with a solid dress. Whether it's your favourite LBD or a comfy casual grey shift like this little gem from Soyaconcept, its easy to a create a day-to-night look!

Intermediate: Add a pop of colour!

For a more advanced styling option, add a pop or colour under the blazer! Choose a contrasting colour like this coral hue or choose a similar contrasting shade like purple or green!

Expert: Mixing Prints

Becoming an expert at styling prints is EASY when you know the rules! 

1. Allow one print to be the star & the other a supporting character

This rule is the basic concept of mixing prints! Whether it's the scale, colour, or pattern of the print, one of these factors should be different, which allows one print to stand out more than the other! 

Lisette L Montreal also makes these fantastic knee-length walking shorts!

Lisette L Montreal also makes these fantastic knee-length walking shorts!


2. Choose different pattern types

If your main piece is a floral, choose a contrasting pattern type like a geometric pattern, stripe or check!


3. When in doubt, stick to a neutral colour palette 

Keeping a neutral colour palette keeps mixed patterns from overwhelming the look!

The most important rule of them have fun with it!! Visit us in store for your free style consultation!! We LOVE helping YOU style new pieces in fun & functional ways that work for your lifestyle!




Posted on June 7, 2016 .