Our New Home: Part Two!!

IT'S ALMOST TIME LADIES!! Our new home is coming together so fast & it is looking GORGEOUS!! After all of our hard work turning this drab space into a  FABULOUS getaway for you, we are SO excited to share it with you!! Here's an update on our renovations!! FullSizeRender

After ripping out the old carpet, creating THREE fitting rooms & painting the ceiling & walls, we finally have the barebones we need to make this space beautiful!!


Final clean up before the new flooring..


It's an exciting day... FLOORING DAY!! The only job we brought in help for... we draw that line at scraping adhesive off of 1400 sq ft of concrete! We LOVE the turn out!! So clean & modern.. things are getting real in here!!


...we couldn't let the flooring contractors do the whole job themselves so we took on the back room flooring. As it turns out flooring adhesive is STICKY and sometimes you need to find creative solutions when you step in it ;)


Our baseboard painting station...aka the back office!! :)


Fitting rooms are for more than just trying on incredible outfits! Our "shop" on baseboard day! Now.. who is going to clean this mess up?!


It's coming along!! ..We are incredibly grateful to our wonderful friends & family who are taking time from their important and busy lives to help us!!


...our special visitor put in extra effort on baseboard day!! Merci Chloé :) xoxo


Yay for funky new light fixtures!!


You might recognize this one!! Works well with this space too!!


AWESOME feature wall behind our soon-to-be till!! :D


Good thing we packed our "very important space board ".. because wall standards are going up next!!


This place is already starting to feel like home!! ..or at least our "frog dog" seems to think so ;) Oh Gabby...

Meanwhile.. at Whitemud Crossing...

The wall standards have come down & we're clearing out inventory!!

It is your LAST chance to grab all of our NEW ARRIVALS on SALE!! Everything in store is discounted but this sale only lasts until we move March 30!!



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