Our New Home!! (Mike Holmes: Hye Fashion Style!)


By now you've probably heard that HYE FASHION IS MOVING!! We found a lovely new home in Westgate Shopping Center (17034 90 Ave) & we are opening up in early April!! To share our excitement with our FAVOURITE people (that's YOU!) here's a few photos of our renovation progression!! Just call us Mike Holmes because we're doing most of the work ourselves! We are making Hye Fashion's Westgate space the perfect space for YOU!! Take a look - what do you think?!


Our first impression... POTENTIAL!! Hooray for keys!!



Working through layout designs! (Yes.. those are brooms... we're visual people haha!!)



Framing our new fitting rooms!! They are HUGE!! P.S... The power of a scarf is still relevant during renos ;)



Starting with some paint...we're working from the top down (farewell green ceiling)!!




Putting our newly-acquired-renovation-muscles to use ripping up the carpet, preparing for BRAND NEW flooring!! WHEW! That's tough work!



When you're a small business you rely on your talented and selfless family and friends to help out (we LOVE you!!). Our extremely helpful mudding assistant (Gabby) ended up with only a little bit of mud on her nose. Well done Gabs!



Our new GINORMOUS fittings rooms are starting to take shape!! ...and LOOK! We have THREE!!



Sanding is hard work - needed a little break! Clearly looking fabulous in our dirty Mavi Jeans, Orb hoodie & sneakers!!



Fitting rooms are primed & taking shape!!



Paint Day! ..plus a little graffiti from our paint team ;)


Coming soon.. flooring & lighting!! We're getting more and more excited everyday! Our new home is taking shape so fast...stay tuned for further progress on Hye Fashion's NEW HOME at 17034 90 Ave NW in WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER!!


... Meanwhile at Whitemud Crossing we're clearing out inventory! We have SO many sale items starting at just $10, NEW ARRIVALS ON SALE ...AND we're still receiving NEW SPRING STYLES every day!! Visit us at Whitemud Crossing for NEW TRENDS and to stock up on great deals while you still can!! xoxo


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