1 Piece, 6 Ways: Convertible Little Black Dress


ds167017_2 Hey Fashionistas! We currently have the COOLEST little black dress in store! This gorgeous wonder is made from the softest fabric & can be converted into casual & dressy styles just by the way you wear it! Here's a few of the ways we recommend!!

Casual:  Boatneck or Off-Shoulder


As it is, this piece is adorable & cozy! You can pair it with your favourite bamboo leggings & a big scarf for the easiest casual look ever! Take after our gorgeous model & bare a little shoulder by shifting the neckline to one-side for an off-the-shoulder look! To give yourself a little more definition, add your favourite Flatter:Me belt colour to cinch the waist & dress it up for work!

Casual: Sleeveless Halter


This look could be dressy or casual depending how you style it but in comparison to other ways to wear this dress, this ones a bit on the casual side. Pull the neckline down under both arms & pull the sleeves up and around the back of your neck. To secure it you can either tie a knot or twist the sleeves around one another tucking the ends in. (It may be advisable to add a safety pin for extra security with this one!)

Dressy: One-Shoulder Wrap


For a dressy look, we have a few options for you! This one-shoulder look has an elegant appeal to it while still giving you a bit more coverage! Shift the neckline under one arm & use the sleeve to wrap snugly around the waist creating a ruched look & end by tucking the sleeve end underneath!

Dressy: Strapless Waist Wrap


This one has the same idea as the last only you pull the neckline underneath both arms & use both sleeves to create a a ruched look around the waist! If you like the look of this but prefer a little more coverage, consider adding a shawl, cardigan, blazer or fitted jacket!

Dressy: Strapless, Knotted or Bow Back


For this cutesy look wear the neckline under both arms & fashion the sleeves into a big bow in the back! You may have to have someone tie it for you!

Dressy: Strapless, Front Knot or Bow


For our final look, take the sleeves and cross them in the back & wrap the sleeves around the front to create a belt! Tie the belt in a knot or bow for different looks!

We had so much fun playing with this dress & the options are endless! Come visit us in-store to try for yourself!!


Posted on March 1, 2016 and filed under Uncategorized.