How to Wear Leggings: To Work

We ALL know leggings are the BEST! They are incredibly comfortable & look so cute! They stretch with all your curves and move with you when you are on the go making them versatile and practical! However, they can be tricky to wear to the office! For this reason we've constructed an easy guide to ensure you can rock your favourite wardrobe piece all while looking stylish & classy! Note: This legging guide features our most conservative rules for wearing leggings. When it comes to workwear outfits, it is best to go with the safer option! For the more experienced legging wearer, these rules may be bent :)

Rule #1: Think of Leggings as Nylons or Tights

We've all heard it countless times: Leggings are not pants. When it comes to workwear, leggings should be treated the same as tights, if the outfit would not be appropriate with tights, it is also not appropriate with leggings.


C'est Moi leggings are our FAVOURITE. The fabric is made from bamboo so they are incredibly soft & have so much stretch to them so they actually fit our LONG LEGS!! Their high-waisted cut make them perfect for long torsos & they always stay up! You can wear them folded down or all the way up - whichever works best for YOUR body! :)

Rule #2: 2 Layers to Cover the Tush & Front

Your tush (and front!) should always be covered by two layers of fabric when wearing leggings. This means the leggings are the first layer & you can add a second layer by adding a lengthy top, tunic, dress, skirt or shorts!

Make a short top appropriate by adding a long tank underneath to cover the tush & front! Our lace bottom camis are the perfect piece to layer underneath your favourite tops to add length and create coverage! They come in a variety of GORGEOUS colours every season so you can pair them with ANY outfit!!

You can also add a skirt for the same effect!

Rule #3: The Finger tip Test

Stand comfortably with your arms at your sides. If the hem of your tunic touches or goes past your finger tips then your outfit is appropriate!




Rule #4: Dress it up!

Leggings are a very casual clothing item so it is best to dress them up when opting to wear leggings to work!

Add a blouse in a luxurious fabric, a structured blazer & accessorize to dress up your outfit to make your leggings appropriate for the office!

When in doubt, ask yourself: Is my outfit appropriate without leggings? If not, it may be best to consider revising. We LOVE helping ladies find new and exciting ways to wear simple pieces. Stop by the store anytime for more outfit ideas that work for YOUR body! :)



Posted on January 19, 2016 and filed under Uncategorized.