How to ROCK the Blanket Shawl Trend

Hey Fashionistas! We know you've been seeing this blanket shawl trend EVERYWHERE!! We know so many ladies who LOVE the look but can't quite figure out how to wear it themselves!! No need to fret we have TONS of great ideas to help YOU ROCK this Fall trend!!

  1. Easy Drape:

This look is the most straightforward of the bunch. It's as easy as draping the scarf around you like a shawl & letting it hang loose!


2. One Shoulder Drape:

Like the easy drape toss the scarf around your shoulders like a shawl & then flip one end around your neck!

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3. Two-Shoulder Drape

The two-shoulder drape creates a cape-like that can be secured by tucking the ends around the neck!

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4. Cozy Neck Wrap

This look is perfect for those cold days where you can pair your blanket scarf with your winter coat! Simply wrap the scarf around each side of your neck & tuck the ends to secure it! This look also looks great with a cozy sweater & jeans

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Stay Cozy!! :)

Posted on October 7, 2015 and filed under Uncategorized.