Hye Fashion announces Back to School in Hye Style


Hye Fashion announces Back to School in Hye Style FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Edmonton, Alberta… Hye Fashion is thrilled to support tall women and girls in dressing fashionably with clothes that fit and flatter their frames as they head back to work and school this fall.

“At Hye Fashion we love helping our customers find a style that compliments their body and lifestyle,” said owner Janel Dickin. “You’d be amazed how relieved women are to find a store where everything fits them.  Back to school can be very stressful, and we can take some of the worry away by giving girls comfort and confidence in their appearance.”

Canada’s population is getting taller. This brings challenges for many women in finding ladies’ clothing that fits them.  It’s not just about longer pants (which we have - 36” to 38” inseams), but about other things average height folks never have to worry about… like sleeve length, waist height, the back rise of pants, body length and many other factors.

Hye Fashion also offers styles from Canadian suppliers wherever possible.

“Hye Fashion supports local and Canadian designers. We love their willingness to accommodate our tall requests and the quality and uniqueness of their garments,” said Hye Fashion’s six-foot-tall owner.

Hye Fashion is located in Whitemud Crossing and is open Tuesday – Saturday, or shop online anytime.  See website for hours. www.hyefashion.ca.

Hye Fashion – Clothing for TALL women, accessories for ALL women.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Jeanna Friedley Hye Fashion Marketing Consultant

Whitemud Crossing #144 - 4211 106 Street NW Edmonton, AB CANADA T6J 6L7


780-756-9550 store

780-908-3942 cell


  • The average height of population changes every 2 - 3 decades. An increasing trend in the height has been reported so far.
  • The average Canadian woman's height is only about 5' 4" (161 cm) as reported by Stats Canada from the most recent 2005 survey.
  • Hye Fashion caters to tall women (i.e. about 5’8” and up), but also accommodates other hard-to-fit body types when women have long legs, long torso, long arms etc.
  • Hye Fashion is a locally owner operated boutique that focuses on great customer service, a positive shopping experience and unique, one-of-a-kind styles.
  • Our fits and fabrics of our garments are edited and adjusted to accentuate the features of the tall woman to enhance her confidence and style
  • Hye fashion focuses on Canadian, and where possible, local Edmonton brands, manufacturers and suppliers. We feature products by:
    • KAJ Clothing (Edmonton, Alberta)
    • 2 Curls Jewellery (Edmonton, Alberta)
    • Orb Clothing (Richmond, BC)
    • Long Legs Fashions (Mississauga, ON)
    • Dish Jeans (Vancouver, BC)
    • Altesse (Montreal, QC)
    • Silver Jeans (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
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