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Katie, Your Hye Fashion Team

Posted on February 23, 2018 .

Top 5 Spring Trends to Inspire you out of a Winter Fashion Funk!

Hello Hye Fashionistas!

With the end of winter in sight it’s time to start thinking about what’s going to be popular this spring! We are so excited for all the bright spring colours to liven up all the dark colours in our wardrobes these days. Looking at Spring 2018 here are a few fun trends we can’t wait to try out!


Bright and Bold

In previous years there was definitely a tendency towards more pastels and lighter colours for spring however this year it’s all about the bright and the bold! Colour blocking these bright colours is also popular and makes a bold statement. If matching a bright colour with a bright colours isn’t your thing, pair it with something neutral to keep all the attention on whatever gorgeous shade you’ve chosen that day! A Hye Fashion staple is our Piknic Tees that happen to come in a variety of bright fun colours for spring like this teal one! 


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.37.57 AM.png


Pattern Blocking

Pairing patterns together can seem very daunting and out there but it’s going to be popular this season and it’s easier than you think! The trick is to wear one bold pattern with one smaller more simple pattern. Here we show one of our gorgeous floral bombers paired with a navy blue and white striped teeshirt. The big bold pattern doesn't compete with the small stripes and the two compliment each other nicely and give a fun look without being too busy!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.37.42 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.38.07 AM.png



Ruffles give such a classic and fun twist to any outfit and we're going to be seeing them everywhere this coming season! They’re feminine and give a lot of movement to an outfit without being overbearing. If ruffles are your style, we have a gorgeous pleated red dress with a ruffle detail that offers loads of movement and come on, this colour screams spring!


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.39.18 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.39.29 AM.png


Big Florals

Make a statement with a big bold floral pattern! Bold florals are eye catching and great from the spring season. To allow them to take centre stage of your outfit, pair a bold floral patterned top with a pair of jeans and and you’ll be ready to go! We have a ton of florals in stock right now like this orange top as well as this wrap style dress!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.37.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.38.14 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.37.50 AM.png


Mad about Plaid

Plaid and checkers are commonly seen in the fall in deep red tones but this spring they're going to be making an appearance in your wardrobe! Adding some checkered or plaid to your wardrobe in light bright spring colours will give you a classic look and still be on trend for the season!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.54.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.54.26 PM.png


There you have it ladies! The 5 Spring Trends we're most excited about for 2018! Hope everyone is as excited for spring as we are and we can't wait to see you soon xoxo

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.24.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.25.01 PM.png
Posted on February 1, 2018 .

One Piece, 5 Ways: Waterfall Blouse

Hello Hye Fashionistas!! The sunny is FINALLY shining here in #yeg and we're hoping its here to stay!! We are MORE than ready to pull out our capris, dresses and tanks! We like to think that summer is THE best season to try out new styles & fun trends!! In-store now we have SO MANY great, unique pieces that work for a variety of heights & body types & we always have SO much fun styling them!! 

This super versatile waterfall front top can be twisted, tied or pinned to create 5 *ah-mazing* looks! Available in both this black & white pattern or a bold cobalt blue!

Well there you have it - versatility at it's finest! *LOVE* this look? Grab yours in store today! They won't last long!! Until next time! xoxo 

Posted on May 25, 2017 .

It's time... for your Fall Essentials!!

We know.. you don't want to hear it but we're going to say it anyway.. jacket season is HERE! For a tall woman this can be a horrendous realization. Finding outerwear that fits your lifestyle & your frame can be VERY difficult!! Luckily, Hye Fashion has your outwear needs covered!! Here's a few of the FAB styles we have in store now to solve your outerwear problems!! 

Avery Wool Coat:

This classic style wool blend coat is perfect for crisp fall days and into the winter as a dressy overcoat. With a three button closure and welt style pockets this piece will last you season after season without going out of style! 

Acer Raincoat

This lightweight rain coat is the perfect style to layer to with! Wear it on its own on warm rainy days and pair it with a hoodie or sweater when it gets a bit colder but still rainy!! This season we are SO happy with the sizing of these, our 6-ft model LOVES the sleeve length & the fit!! Available in Camel or Indigo you can easily bring this rain jacket into spring too!!


Woodland II

This sleek new update to Orb's best selling jacket is everything you need this fall. With faux fur lining and a breathable & waterproof exterior you'll keep warm and dry no matter what #yeg hits us with! Thanks to the long sleeves and mid-thigh length it makes it the perfect fall coat for YOU!!

Posted on September 27, 2016 .

3 Secrets to Scoring your Most Flattering Jeans!

Hye, Fashionsitas! It's time to set aside our denial and realize that... yup... fall is almost here!! As we prepare for back-to-school & pull out our winter wardrobes we start to find our tired denim from last season just won't cut it & it's time for a change!! 

Luckily, Hye Fashion's denim days is going strong so you can SAVE on TALL jeans from brand names like Mavi & Yoga Jeans!! We have SO many different styles of jeans, clients often ask "Which style would be best for my body type?" Read on to discover the jeans best suited for you!

1. Stretchy denim is universally flattering 

Mavi's Shanti fabric jeans have so much stretch to them!

Mavi's Shanti fabric jeans have so much stretch to them!

Jeans everywhere have gone through quite the change over the last few decades! With the surgence in popularity of athletic wear, our need for stretch, comfort, and shape retention is at an all time high! Luckily jean brands such as Yoga Jeans & Mavi have developed fabrics that move with your body all day & never lose their shape!! 

Our Picks: 


2. Try a higher rise

Model, Ashley Graham rocking high waisted skinny jeans.  Source

Model, Ashley Graham rocking high waisted skinny jeans. Source

High rise jeans are the most popular fit for taller gals especially when we are curvier on the bottom! When you have a longer torso, the higher rise helps create a secure fit, keeping you supported and tucked in! For added jean-wearing security opt for a Flatter:Me Belt to eliminate gapping at the back of the waist! 

Our Picks:


3. Play with proportion!

One of the most interesting things happening in fashion right now is the acceptance of all silhouettes, shapes & washes! You can have a contemporary look if you opt for skinnies, flares, bootcuts or straights! The best part - you don't need to stick to one style!! 

Edmonton Blogger  March and May  rocks flared jeans!

Edmonton Blogger March and May rocks flared jeans!

Playing with the proportion of your jeans to your body can create a balanced and more put-together look! Whether you have curves in the hips or bust, or have lengthy legs, try out a flared jean to balance your proportions and accentuate your beautiful shape!! 

With so many different options available, it's fun to step out of your comfort zone and try a new style! You might even find your favourite new jeans! If one can always spot you in skinny jeans, try out a trendy flare with heels - you won't believe how sophisticated you'll feel! If you have yet to try out a skinny jean? Try a pair on with tall boots! You'll notice how clean it looks compared to bunching your worn out bootcuts to fit!

Our Picks:

Ready to try out some new jeans in a TALL inseam?!

Hye Fashion's Denim Days Sale is ON NOW until September 5th, 2016!









Posted on August 24, 2016 .

The transitional piece you need for Fall... Custom-made for Hye Fashion & for you!!

When is the last time you had fun finding flattering, easy workwear to fit your long legs?! It can be an absolute NIGHTMARE for women of all sizes but it's a whole lot harder when everything is design for the petite population & you've got lengthy legs or a long torso! Okay... maybe flood pants are cool for summer but when the temperatures drop, frostbitten ankles are not a good look!! Not to worry Hye Fashionistas, with our NEW CUSTOM-MADE dress pants from Lisette, we've got you covered... literally! 

**These pants are CUSTOM-MADE for Hye Fashion so we only have a few of each size! Get yours ASAP because this proven style and amazing fabric will be selling out FAST!!**

Hye Fashion has partnered with renowned Canadian designer, Lisette L Montreal to bring you ultra-comfy, super-flattering, EXTRA-LONG pants made **ONLY for Hye Fashion**! Our new 36" inseam Lisette dress pants are EXCLUSIVE to Hye Fashion and feature an all-new, luxurious & flattering fabric!  With a true 36" inseam these office-appropriate pants will give you the length you need for all seasons of the year! (Even that random week of winter Edmonton often gets before autumn ;] ) 

...Speaking of our random Alberta weather, we're creeping up on that time of year when dressing for work becomes even more difficult than ever! The mornings start getting cooler but by the afternoon it feels like beach weather! Here's a couple quick tips to keep in mind when freshening up your workwear for the upcoming season!


Choose Garments made of High Quality Fabrics

One of the best ways to ensure you will stay comfortable in multiple temperatures is to choose fabrics made up of high quality fibres that work to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold! Lisette's improved fabric impressed our 6-ft model with their ever-present comfort both in the sun & in cooler temperatures! 

Work in Layers!

Starting simple with just a blouse & pant is great! It's warm weather friendly & office appropriate as is. To battle our sudden changes in weather, consider adding what we like to call a "Third Piece". The third piece is an additional garment or bold accessory one might add to complete or dress-up an outfit. While yes, technically a top and bottom will do, the third piece elevates your outfit from "done" to "done up"! When you aren't worried about temperature this third piece can be as simple as a statement necklace , a scarf or a bold lip! It can also mean a blazer (...such as our best-selling stretchy, machine-washable, made-in-Canada blazer from Lisette, shown here!!), a vest, denim jacket, cardigan or scarf!

Add our Lisette blazer to a sleeveless blouse to transition your outfit from summer to fall! 

Add our Lisette blazer to a sleeveless blouse to transition your outfit from summer to fall! 

Your third piece can match your bottoms perfectly or look cool in a coordinating our NEW custom Lisette pants in black and the beautiful charcoal blazer from Lisette!

Your third piece can match your bottoms perfectly or look cool in a coordinating our NEW custom Lisette pants in black and the beautiful charcoal blazer from Lisette!

Don't forget your accessories to bring your outfit to the next our Edmonton-based Berg + Betts watches (made from upcycled leather)!! 

Don't forget your accessories to bring your outfit to the next our Edmonton-based Berg + Betts watches (made from upcycled leather)!! 

Don't Forget to Let your Personality Shine!

Have fun mixing eclectic pieces with businessy classics to create a look that is uniquely you! Regardless of season, wear colours & patterns that make YOU feel amazing! Stand out from the crowd with florals in fall or plaids in spring & everything in between! 

Our properly-proportioned accessories work GREAT, regardless of where you need extra length (if any)!!

Our properly-proportioned accessories work GREAT, regardless of where you need extra length (if any)!!

Let our expert Stylists assist you!

Our Hye Fashion Stylists are fantastic resources to aid you with any fashion questions you might have! We are here to find the best possible items that work for your lifestyle & styles that suit your taste! 

Posted on August 5, 2016 .

5 Ways to Nail Wedding Season in YEG's favourite venues!

Wedding season can be a bittersweet time for lengthy ladies! Though you look forward to celebrating your friends' matrimony, finding wedding-appropriate hemlines and non midriff-baring tops to witness your bestie say 'I do' can be a nightmare! Finding something you feel beautiful in, that's the right length and the right fit is tough - we know!! That's why we've complied a guide so you can feel like your confident, beautiful self without the stress of "am I wearing the right outfit?", "is my skirt too short for church", or "are these heels too high??"!

In Edmonton we have so many beautiful and unique wedding venues that cater to any couple! We've highlighted a few of YEG's faves so no matter how big, small, casual or formal the event you're attending, Hye Fashion has the perfect outfit for you!!

Country Chic: Family Farm

Whether you're a girlie girl or you like a little more edge, this adorable cherry blossom dress can be styled to your hearts desire! Keep it sweet with pearls and neutral accessories or amp it up with a modern cuff and black accessories! We love the length on our six-foot-tall model (who, by the way claims this is one of the best fits she's ever tried from this brand)! Which is your fave?!

Garden Inspired: Muttart Conservatory

A Maxi dress is always a good bet for an indoor or outdoor garden-inspired wedding! If you're going to be on the grass be sure to wear flats or wedges so you aren't sinking in everywhere! Pick metallic accessories to add some sparkle & a little shrug for when it starts to cool down in the evening! 

Traditional Elegance: Hotel MacDonald

For those more formal occasions, choose a classic fitted dress with lots of length! Now is not the time to be sporting a mini skirt! This ruched dress from Papillon is "SOO COMFORTABLE" according to our six foot tall model & has the perfect length for our long bodies! AND it comes in three gorgeous colours! Pair it with fun but elegant accessories to add some personality! Consider adding a shawl if you'd opt for a little more coverage! ...and this dress isn't a one-wear style! Once we close the doors on wedding season, pair this beauty with boots & a blazer for Fall days at the office or wear it to your Holiday soirée!!

Funky Pants: ATB Financial Art Barn

Located in the heart of Old Strathcona, the Art Barn is a great venue for a funky wedding! As a guest, you can be funky too! Sporting a slightly more casual look with printed pants & pops of colours is a fantastic way to look great without sporting the same old sundress! And you'll be so comfy that you'll be able to feast with your friends and dance the night away!

Non-Traditional Cool: Yellowhead Brewery 

Traditional dresses & customs aren't for everyone! Every couple is one-of-a-kind & many like that to be reflected in their big day!! So if the bride is sporting combat boots or a brightly coloured dress, you know you can have a little more fun with your wardrobe too! Don't be afraid to wear something that is completely YOU! Slip on your sassiest leather pants (like these Made-in-Canada jeggings!) or your best fitting jeans! Be sure to dress up your outfit the appropriate amount for the occasion (maybe heels & a statement necklace?) but most importantly, have fun with it!  

Posted on July 11, 2016 .

We're SIX!

Happy Bday to us!! 

Happy Bday to us!! 

It was six years ago today that Hye Fashion opened our doors at our first location! We're not doing much to celebrate …unless enjoying a K-cup while completing month-end paperwork counts as a celebration…but we didn't want to let the day go by without some sort of acknowledgement!

Six years…wow! Back in 2010 we started with a humble staff of three part-time Stylists and 1,000 square feet comprised of seven brands of ‘Clothing for TALL women, accessories for ALL women’. Thanks to you, we’ve grown our family to over 2,600 loyal and valued Hye Fashionistas, have a fabulous team of two full-time and four part-time Stylists, and have moved to our beautiful new 1,500 square foot space, which we LOVE (...thank you for your positive feedback on our new home)!! We've realized ‘You don't need to be tall to shop here, but you can be’ so we've honed our inventory and have over 20 brands that provide contemporary 'Style for every height'!

We are truly humbled by your loyalty and your support!

We get our greatest satisfaction from seeing you love how you feel because you love how you look! When you tell us about a compliment you received while wearing your latest Hye Fashion outfit to a wedding, we hear you got the job we helped you pick your interview ensemble for, or we see your shining smile while you model your latest Hye Fashion finds in your family photos, that’s when we know we’ve done our job right…and we still can’t believe how much fun we have doing it!

Six years later, we’re proud to say we're still providing premiere service to our valued Clients, still supporting Canadian brands, still offering at least sizes 4-22, still working hard to bring in reasonably-priced, high-quality clothing, still focusing on contemporary, wearable style for every height, and still absolutely loving what we do! 

Your enthusiasm and excitement for Hye Fashion is what keeps us motivated to be better everyday. And we’re not planning to stop anytime soon! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making our dream a reality! Thank you for allowing us to truly enjoy our work. Thank you for liking and commenting on our Facebook page. Thank you for telling a friend or stranger to go to Hye Fashion because that helps us grow and get even better for you. Thank you for shopping at Hye Fashion, whether you’ve been in only once, or if you visit once every two weeks! Thank you!!

So here’s to the next six years Hye Fashionistas, and here’s to YOU!!


Posted on July 5, 2016 .

Introducing: Pixie Mood!

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE & we couldn't be more excited to enjoy all of YEG's festivals & activities!! We can't think of a better way to kick off our summer than with a BRAND NEW line of FUN & FUNKY handbags!! Based out of Toronto, Pixie Mood is a fantastic handbag line started by a vegan-minded couple with a flair for fashion & style! Make a statement this summer with these cute & affordable bags!!

With tons of different styles & colours to choose from, we have the PERFECT summer bag for you!! Come check them out in store today!!

Posted on June 20, 2016 .

Expert Styling: Printed Lisette Blazer

Hola Fashionistas!! We're a little bit obsessed with Lisette L Montreal! For those of you who don't know Lisette L Montreal, it is an AWESOME Montreal-based company that designs & manufactures their products in Canada!! Thanks to impeccable designs that work for women of all ages & sizes, they have caught the attention of major news outlets & celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey! 

Oprah Winfrey & designer Lisette Limoges

Oprah Winfrey & designer Lisette Limoges

Hye Fashion carries Lisette products in a multitude of styles, including TALL inseam dress pants! Currently one of our FAVOURITE pieces in store is this GORGEOUS white & navy printed blazer! It's light fabric makes it the perfect summer blazer to keep your summer work wardrobe professional, fun & stylish!

So you LOVE the look of this blazer but you're thinking... HOW DO I STYLE IT?! Relax, we've got you! Styling a printed blazer offers more options than you might think! Below we've chalked it up to three levels of styling techniques that can work for everyone!!

Beginner: All Neutrals + Printed Blazer

One of the EASIEST ways to style a printed blazer is to pair it with solid neutrals that wont overwhelm the look & let the blazer sit in the spotlight! We love the idea of using the blazer to dress up casual basics like these comfy boyfriend jeans & light tee! Keep your accessories simple & let the blazer grab all the attention! 

Another super simple way to style your new printed blazer is by pairing it with a solid dress. Whether it's your favourite LBD or a comfy casual grey shift like this little gem from Soyaconcept, its easy to a create a day-to-night look!

Intermediate: Add a pop of colour!

For a more advanced styling option, add a pop or colour under the blazer! Choose a contrasting colour like this coral hue or choose a similar contrasting shade like purple or green!

Expert: Mixing Prints

Becoming an expert at styling prints is EASY when you know the rules! 

1. Allow one print to be the star & the other a supporting character

This rule is the basic concept of mixing prints! Whether it's the scale, colour, or pattern of the print, one of these factors should be different, which allows one print to stand out more than the other! 

Lisette L Montreal also makes these fantastic knee-length walking shorts!

Lisette L Montreal also makes these fantastic knee-length walking shorts!


2. Choose different pattern types

If your main piece is a floral, choose a contrasting pattern type like a geometric pattern, stripe or check!


3. When in doubt, stick to a neutral colour palette 

Keeping a neutral colour palette keeps mixed patterns from overwhelming the look!

The most important rule of them have fun with it!! Visit us in store for your free style consultation!! We LOVE helping YOU style new pieces in fun & functional ways that work for your lifestyle!




Posted on June 7, 2016 .

It's "Mavi Long" Weekend!

Happy May Long Hye Fashionistas!! We're celebrating by putting your FAVOURITE jeans on SALE!! ALL styles of Mavi jeans, shorts, capris & joggers are ON SALE!!

From now until Monday May 22nd, SAVE on this summers denim staples!!

LONG STYLES of Skinny Jeans, Flares, Straight Leg, Boyfriend Jeans, Shorts & Joggers!!

Visit us this weekend ONLY to get Buy one Get one 20% on ALL Mavi styles!!

Posted on May 18, 2016 .

Introducing... Me:Too by Flatter:Me Belts

Hey Ladies!! At Hye Fashion, we LOVE the Flatter:Me belt! Our staff are always raving about their functionality, ethical manufacturing & cute designs! If  you haven't already heard of the AMAZING Flatter:Me Belt, YOU NEED TO TRY IT!! This incredible little invention was created by local designer, Claire. Fed up with gapping at the back of her pants she designed a completely adjustable belt that sits flat & moves with your body! FlatterMeBelts-02

This week we got a special addition of the Flatter:Me Belt line - Me:Too Belts for Kids! Fitting sizes 18 months to age 9, these no-fuss belts allow your kids to stay comfortable & their pants to stay where they should!! Check them out in store now!!

This Saturday is our Grand Opening Event for our new location in Westgate Shopping Centre!! Among many of the SUPER exciting things happening that day, you can Enter to Win at Flatter:Me Belt of your own!!


grand opening FRONT smallgrand opening invitation BACK small

Posted on May 4, 2016 and filed under Uncategorized.

Get your Glamour on!


  AG + HF

Happy Tuesday ladies!! We are getting very near our GRAND OPENING EVENT!! We have SO many FUN & exciting things planned for the day - drinks, snacks, a HUGE SALE, BRAND NEW items, FREE SWAG, TONS of GIVEAWAYS...AND complimentary {glamour} shots by Michel from Ampersand Grey!!

This AWESOME/talented/SUPER FUN lady is an Edmonton based professional photographer who, creates the most breathtaking photos of every precious moment! We are SO excited to have this beauty at our Grand Opening to capture every moment of FUN!!

Here's a sneak peek of some FAB glamour shots Michel has done in the past ;)


Come get dolled up in your NEW Hye Fashion finds & get your glamour shots by Ampersand Grey on Saturday May 7th!! Only at our Grand Opening Event: Enter to Win a photography session with Ampersand Grey!!


grand opening FRONT small


grand opening invitation BACK small

Posted on May 3, 2016 and filed under Uncategorized.

Spring Essential: Ruffle Dress

Happy Saturday Ladies!! With the weather starting to warm up we are ready to break out our favourite summer dresses!! We love the ease and comfort of a fabulous dress that can be styled casually for day or dressed up for night! Montreal designer Tango Mango, creates gorgeous dresses & tops that work fabulously for real women like you! IMG_4705

This ruffle dress has been making waves! The floaty ruffles do wonders for accentuating your shape all while masking any bumps or lumps we may not love so much! Pair it with your favourite denim jacket, a simple cardigan, a boho vest or wear it on its own!!


Pick timeless & easy accessories to finish the look without taking the attention away from the true star of the show...YOU!


We love the look of these Flojos flip flops!! We have all sorts of sparkly delights available in sizes 8 -11!


Don't forget!! We're open Saturdays AND Sundays!! Visit us this weekend & find your spring essentials! :)

Hye Fashion hours

Posted on April 30, 2016 and filed under Uncategorized.

How to Wear... Flared Jeans!

We've been seeing Flared Jeans EVERYWHERE lately!! While we are all comfortable in our skinnies for a go to everyday jean, the flared jean is a cool way to change things up with minimal effort! Bonus.. Flared jeans look CRAZY GOOD on us taller girls! :) Adding width at the ankle balances out our thighs, hips & chest!! We're taking notes from Fashion Bloggers & Celebrity Street style to learn how to wear Flared Jeans!! :)

White T-Shirt + Kimono:


The t-shirt + kimono look is a super simple outfit formula that is so easy to pull off!! Balance out the proportions of the flare by adding visual interest up top! Knot your loose t-shirt underneath to create shape that flatters!


Our "Sheena" jeans from Mavi have the perfect wash for spring, summer & into fall!! The best part though.. the 38" inseam!!


The difference that a "third-piece" can make in an outfit is tremendous! Pull together all your summer looks with this cute kimono from Soyaconcept!! :)


We LOVE finding unqiue jewelry pieces like this "pull through" feather necklace!!


Blouse + Bright Scarf:


For an office appropriate look, wear your flared jeans like they are trousers & tuck in a crisp white blouse and accessorize with a funky bright piece like this red scarf to add some personality!


A classic spring coat like this trench from Orb Clothing is the perfect topper for any outfit!


With extra long sleeves they fall far too long for our mannequin but perfect for you!!

Cream Sweater + Arm Party:


We love this fashion blogger's simplistic take on flared denim by echoing seventies trends & bringing them into 2016 with ease!


Pairing trendy pieces with a modern blazer with clean lines instantly updates & polishes off your look!


Unique geometric bracelets look FAB piled on!! Stick to a colour pallet to keep it looking smart!


Tucked Printed Blouse:


Sometimes the simpliest outfits are the BEST!! Tuck a sleek blouse into your high-waisted flares for a clean & stylish look!


Your go-to Berg + Betts watch is all you need to accessorize with!


We LOVE the way these flared jeans accentuate your curves in all the right ways!


Our 6-ft model was floored with the length!! She was actually stepping on the hems without her heels on!


We are LOVING these flares & are so excited to see this trend blow up!! Grab yours at Hye Fashion today! xoxo

Hye Fashion hours


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You're invited...

To our GRAND OPENING at Westgate Shopping Center!!

Hey ladies!! We are SO excited to FINALLY announce the GRAND OPENING of our new location in Westgate shopping centre!! Now that our official sign has gone up on the front of the building it is safe to say.. We're HOME!! ....and now we're ready to CELEBRATE it with our FAVOURITE LADIES!!

grand opening FRONT smallgrand opening invitation BACK small

Make sure you save the date, Saturday, May 7th, because we have so many fun things happening!! Not only are we going to have GREAT discounts, snacks & SWAG, but the lovely Michel, from Ampersand Grey Photography will be joining in on the fun with a glamour photobooth!! Avoid the FOMO (Fear of missing out) & put it in your calendar!!

We are so proud to announce that through this event, we will not only have a fabulous time but we can also support an incredible cause that touches the lives of hundreds of women across Canada! The Sorrentino's Compassion House is a small haven located in the heart of Edmonton for women battling cancer. This warming, inviting space is a home away from home for those who need to travel for their treatment. The compassion house is a wonderful foundation that provides low-cost accommodation & safe place to relax when they need it the most. We highly encourage you to check out  to discover what you'll be supporting. <3

Stay tuned for more announcements & details surrounding our event! Make sure to like us on Facebook and sign up for our email list so you don't miss out!!

Hye Fashion hours


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NEW ARRIVALS: Lisette L Montreal

Happy FriYAY!! We have SO many super exciting things happening at Hye Fashion right now!! Not only do we have a gorgeous sign out on 90 ave (scroll to the bottom to check that out!), but our permanent sign is going up on our store front.. RIGHT NOW!! Woohoo!! Thanks Brian & Tom from Electrasign :) AND we keep getting so many super AMAZING shipments of New Arrivals...including Lisette L Montreal!! Oh and this is only half of the gorgeous styles we'll be getting from Lisette in the coming weeks!! Here's just a few of the styles we have RIGHT NOW! Our gal Heidi is ROCKING these pull-on Coral capris! With their stretchy fabric & cute tulip leg detail, these will easily become your spring/summer go to capris! Though they can easily be dressed up for work with a breezy blouse, we're LOVING this casual look featuring our one size Bamboo layering Camis, this cute Square One Apparel cardigan made in Vernon, BC & a gorgeous double strap watch from Berg & Betts!


Also NEW from Lisette: NEW blazers in our classic cut now available in Marine & Charcoal (pictured below!)


AND we restocked in our Classic TALL black dress pants & now have Navy and a seasonless Brushed Nickel Grey!

lisette 801 ankle pants navy frontlisette-l-sport-ankle-pant-3lisetteblack

This is just a few of the BRAND NEW STYLES from Lisette L Montreal! You'll have to come visit us to see the rest ;)

We're feeling oh so fancy now that we have a few GORGEOUS signs up AND we're much easier to find - YAY!

   Get your shopping bug out this weekend!! We're open Saturday AND Sunday!! Yipee!! :)

Hye Fashion hours

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The World's Most Comfortable...


...Thong!! Yep!! The spring season is heating up & we all know how important it is to wear quality garments that keep us comfortable when it starts to get hot & humid! This is especially true with our base layer!! We LOVE Hanky Panky underwear!! Their premium fabrics are like "lace butter" & they look SO cute on!! Each thong uses over 30 yards of thread, more thread means more stitches per inch, and more stitches means a more durable, high quality product. They are also 100% Made-in-USA; even the cotton used for the lining is grown in the US!

Hye Fashion currently carries three styles of Hanky Panky Underwear!

Original Rise Thong:


Lowrise Thong:


Full Bottom V-kini:

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New Arrivals: Square One Apparel

This JUST in!! We just received this SUPER LONG Maxi Dress from Square One Apparel!! This line is Handmade in BC & uses GORGEOUS luxury fabrics that flow & drapes in all the right places!!  


All of these New Arrivals are getting us SUPER excited for summer!! So many amazing pieces have already arrived for the warm weather! Come check it out!! xox

Hye Fashion hours

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How to wear... Denim Gauchos

Happy Tuesday Hye Fashionistas! We have been SWAMPED with TONS of New Arrivals lately & we are always SO excited to share them with you!! Recently, we received some denim gauchos from Mavi! We love unique, trendy pieces like this that you can incorporate into your current wardrobe, all while giving you an entirely new look!! This lightweight piece is definitely one you'll be able to wear all summer long while staying covered & comfortable!!

Keep it Simple:

Loose denim gauchos are a statement piece in themselves, the easiest way to pull off their relaxed vibe is to keep it super simple! For our first look we've paired with a very simple 3/4 sleeve sweater with cool jewelry that isn't too loud! Pair with your favourite pair of black flats (perhaps a lace-up pair?)


Along with our denim gauchos we recently receive LOADS of gorgeous new necklaces!! Come update your jewelry for spring with pieces like this beauty:


We just can't get enough of Berg & Betts funky handmade watches!


...& we don't leave the house without our Flatter:Me Belt :)


I Woke up like This:

One of our favourite things about this piece is that fact that you could put next to zero effort into this look & still look totally 'with it'. Picture this: It's Saturday morning, you wake up to find you're out of milk & need to make a run to the grocery store before breakfast... what do you put on? Leggings & a long sweater or maybe you'll squeeze into your skinny jeans, toss on a tee & a scarf!  But who wants to squeeze into skinny jeans or put on toasty black leggings when the weathers heating up? Thus.. Denim Gauchos.


Take your favourite comfy tee, a scarf to add a punch of colour & you've got a fashion-girl approved look that feels like your still wearing pjs!!



Give your tee a slight tuck to the side or let it drape to show off the cute gathered back like this new burnout tee from Press!!


Tailored for Work:

If you have the luxury of wearing denim to your workplace whether its once a week or anytime, you just might become the most fashionable lady in the office by pairing your tailored Lisette L Montreal blazer with a plain white top, simple geometric jewelry & Denim Gauchos!


70's Vibes:

With this outfit we're taking notes from rock goddesses like Stevie Nicks & Linda Ronstadt, while maintaining a clean & modern look!


We LOVE Soyaconcept's take on the open knit, fringe vest. They've added a little sleeve to give us some flattering coverage while keeping the knit loose to allow light (and air) through & keep it from looking too boxy (or feeling too warm)!


We LOVE combining trendy new pieces with the staples we already own to creates entirely different looks! Though these Denim Gauchos seem like a hard-to-wear piece, we've found it's easier than you can imagine! Biggest lesson... Keep it Simple, Silly ;)

Hye Fashion is now open longer hours & on Sundays!! Come check out our BRAND NEW location in Westgate Shopping Center!!

Hye Fashion hours


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