Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you have an online store?

Hye Fashion does not have an e-commerce site at this time. The best method of serving our out-of-town Clients is something we struggle with daily! At Hye Fashion, we believe that if we do something, we do it right. Several years ago we did have an e-commerce site but we found it was not the right fit for us. We are unable to maintain inventory levels required to properly commit to an e-commerce site. We were not able to provide the level of service that has become our standard by having an e-commerce site. In general, we receive one item of each style/colour. Therefore, our inventory changes very rapidly, and we are unable to catalogue an adequate quantity of styles to provide a proper typical online shopping experience. 

However, all is not lost! We have many valued out-of-town clients whom we serve and are happy to help! We ship packages to our out-of-town clients multiple times weekly! 

The Hye Fashion online shopping model employs a combination of technology and personally-selected styles for you! Once we receive a bit more information about what you would be looking for, and your size, our stylists will pull several styles that would suit your needs from in stock inventory. In addition, I invite you to peruse Hye Fashion’s Facebook page (, which we update with new arrivals daily. You don’t need a Facebook account to view Hye Fashion’s page. 

Once we have a better feel of what you might be looking for, we will then email you images with descriptions and pricing for each style, or we’ll provide a personalized style video describing each style and why we believe it would work for you. 

We understand that this online shopping model is not perfect, however, through this method, we have found we are better able to suggest fits, and our out of town clients are happier than with the traditional e-commerce model.

Do you Ship?

Yes! Many of our wonderful Hye Fashionistas live outside of Edmonton. We are happy to ship to our valued clients wherever they may be! We can best help our clients find the styles/sizes they need by chatting over the phone or by email. If there is something you see on our FB page or our blog, don't hesitate to PM us here or email us: or even call us (Toll Free: 1.855.756.9550). We'll send you additional images as needed and can talk you through what size would be the best for you (as I'm sure you've experienced, sizing can vary between styles. We know how our styles fit so we can suggest the ones that are best for you)!

Do you have Maternity Clothes?

We have a number of great maternity friendly options in store! Tops with longer length & stretch through the mid-section work fabulously for many of our clients during their pregnancy!

We also have a line of one-size bamboo tank tops that have become an essential for all of our clients! They are so stretchy, long & comfortable that we have had ladies tell us they wore them through their entire pregnancy, that they work great for nursing & still wear them after they have gotten back to their regular size!

For bottoms, while we don't carry maternity pants in stock, we can actually special order maternity jeans from one of our most popular denim brands in the tall inseam! This brand carries up to a size 36/36 in some styles. You can choose any style that we have in store, choose the type of band you want & they will have them back to us within 3-4 weeks! Special ordering maternity jeans typically costs between $20-$40 in addition to the regular jean cost! *Please Note that you MUST shop in-store in order to special order maternity jeans. All sales on special orders are final.


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